We are Wim & Cathy van Loon. We live in a small village, called Kruisland with 2300 residents, near to the Belgium border. We have two kids, a boy called Joey & a girl called Joanne. Our first dog in the house was a Jack Russell Terrier, which lived with us untill his death at the age of 14 years.

Training school for dogs

I started obedience training with our Jack Russell and after a half year, I was asked to become an instructor. So I followed the instructors lessons successfully and became an obedience instructor and therapist for dog behavior. I now have my own training school for dogs and my goal is to train people and their dogs, so that they can have a stabile and social companion. I also give people individual training with dogs that are having behavior problems.

We bought our first French Bulldog in 2001. His name is Kane and he is a marvelous and powerful male. In the same year we became members of the Dutch French Bulldog club. We became very enthusiastic about the breed and we started showing or dog.

French Bulldog

Because of the fact that we had fallen in love with the breed, we decided to buy our next French Bulldog. In 2002 we bought a female called Gwenny Celine of Little Bombardier from the "of Little Bombardier" kennel. We got to know Levinus & Sabina van der Veekens from Little Bombardier very well and we are close friends since then. In April of the year 2004, our kennel name was recognized by the Dutch kennel club and the FCI. Our kennel name is "Aderfia", which means brothers and sisters in Greece. Our first litter is born in March 2005, 6 lovely puppies, 3 boys & 3 girls. You can see more about them on our puppy page. We are a small private family kennel, where the welfare of the dogs always comes first. When it comes to breeding, we follow the code of honor from the Dutch breed club. We carefully select our breeding dogs, before we make a combination.

Hereby we want to say a special thank you to Levinus & Sabina from "Of Little Bombardier", for giving us great support and making it possible to have a good start with our breeding program in this fantastic breed. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and we wish you fun while watching it. Wim, Cathy, Joey & Joanne van Loon